Match Report
Wellington College Mixed-U18A vs  Triangular V Bradfield v Marlborough
On: Saturday, 18 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

Wellington faced off against RGS Guilford, Marlborough College and Bradfield College this Saturday 18th Sept in what was once the "Trianngular match" but will now be dubbed the "Quadrangular match". Teams of 4 were settled on, with Wellington and Bradfield fielding two teams each, and RGS and Marlborough fielding one - giving a total of 6 teams. Scores were out of 400 & 80 vees. Bradfield B came 6th, with 349 & 17 vees. RGS Guildford came 5th with 359 & 22 vees. Marlborough College came 4th with 367 & 21 vees. Bradfield A came 3rd with 375 & 29 vees. Wellington A just held 2nd with 379 & 39 vees, a mere 4 points ahead of Bradfield A. Wellington B came 1st with an impressive 389 & 41 vees, dropping 11 points between four shooters over eight shoots, giving an average score of 97.25. Well done to Freddie (Bl), Penny (Ag), Hermione (Ag) & Julius (T) for their outstanding performance - scores: Freddie 99 & 10 vees, Penny 97 & 12 vees (scoring her first possible, 50 & 8 vees!), Julius 95 & 9 vees, and Hermione 98 & 10 vees. A special mention to the captain, Sophie (W) for her first perfect possible 50 & 10 vees, which means that every single score counting shot landed within a 1 inch radius of the centre of the target at the distance of 300 yards (using iron sights!).